We offer a wide range of both scheduled and unscheduled air cargo solutions. Via Air has been operating a dedicated scheduled cargo service for peacekeepers over the past 3 years and has maintained an impressive dispatch reliability record over this period. Via Air also supports leading humanitarian and international agencies to deliver their crucial goods and services to vulnerable individuals who need it, sometime in the midst of difficult security situations. In addition, Via Air has been the prefered transporter of the business community in transferring high-value cargo across the Central African Republic.


Via Air offers fixed-wings support to the mining and oil & gas industries, as well as geographically enclaved humanitarian missions. Via Air is the only aviation company in the Central African Republic to offer aviation services of the highest safety standards to the resource sector, with unique safety and security protocols.


Via Air is currently the most experienced air evacuation service provider in the Central African Republic. Via Air, in co-operation with leading insurers, offers aircraft on 24-hour standby for immediate response. Via Air has been successful in providing safe and reliable aviation support that consists of aircraft and pilots that are on 24-hour standby to respond to any medical emergency in Central Africa.


Throughout its history, Via Air has created or redeveloped more than a dozen airfields in the Central African Republic. Building on our unmatched understanding of the country, network and constructive relationship with concerned authorities we are able to dispatch teams to open up regions otherwise unaccesible for institutional, humanitarian or corporate clients.

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