Antonov AN26

Regional Cargo Aircraft

Average Speed   370 km per hour
Range   2550 km
Passenger Seats   Cargo configuration with seater benches (26 pax)
Max payload   5000 kg
Configuration   Cargo charter Contract

Beechcraft 1900D

Twin Turbine Pressurised Aircraft

Average Speed   528 km per hour
Range   2361 km
Passenger Seats   19
Max payload   2100 kg
Configuration   Corporate charter
Evacuation and Emergency Response
Cargo and mixed pax/cargo chartered

Cessna « Grand Caravan » 208B

Single Engine Turbine Aicraft

Speed   278 km per hour
Range   1600 km
Max payload   1,100 kg
Passenger Seats   10
Configuration   Bush landing
    Evacuation and Emergency Response
    Cargo chartered