Via Air offers a wide range of aircraft charter options to clients across Central Africa, with a focus on safety and reliability. Via Air operates a diverse fleet of aircrafts that can provide tailored solutions to clients anywhere in Africa.


Via Air is the leading air-cargo service provider in the Central African Republic. Our experience has led us to work with a wide range of institutional, humanitarian, corporate and private clients. Our diverse fleet enables us to organize complex delivery from our connected hub in Bangui to, and between, further airfields and unimproved airstrips across the region.


Via Air has more than one decade of experience in the tourism industry, providing unique access to national parks in Bayanga, Chinko as well as other hunting and conservation grounds.


Via Air offers tailored solutions to large groups of passengers across various sectors, whether it be assisting with personnel rotations for international NGOs, mining and oil and gas companies or transferring large tour groups between tourist destinations.

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